Facebook Rolls Out Video Ads

The long awaited Facebook Video Ads will be rolling out in July.  Only a few big brands such as American Express, Unilever, Ford, Coca-Cola and Diageo will be participating in the first round of video ad testing.   At the moment, advertisers are only able to target one of four demographics. There were a lot of […]

Facebook’s Cover Image Update Secret

Facebook’s cover image update secret has been discovered! Yup! Facebook updated their cover image guidelines without telling anyone. Remember the time when Facebook switched over to timeline and had a long list of restrictions on the cover image?  Facebook made changes to the guidelines without announcing it to the public.  Based on the latest update […]

Optimize Local Business Discovery with Facebook’s Nearby Feature

Facebook announced the “Nearby” feature update for Mobile users on December 17th and what does this mean? Local businesses should take this opportunity and create a Facebook page to increase its reach to mobile users! We all know that mobile users are on the rise and people love to “Check-in” where ever they go (well, I do […]

How to Increase Facebook Engagement – Effect of Post Length

Response by Facebook Post Length

Customers’ newsfeed are bombarded with updates from friends, families, and pages they’ve “Liked.”  So what can businesses do to grab customers’ attention? There are numerous ways businesses can do to increase engagement such as using images and videos.  However, businesses don’t always have interesting images or videos that they can post and might want to have some variety […]

7 Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

The reasons you want to create a Facebook Fan page are probably to increase brand recognition, generate leads or clients, or to increase website traffic.  There are no guide to teach you how to obtain all that were mentioned above.  Each business have their own ways to work things out but here are 7 things […]

Facebook Rolls out Voice Feature, Page Admins Represent Brand as Themselves

Have you ever wanted to become the voice and represent your brand on Facebook? Have you ever wanted to comment or post something as yourself instead of your brand?  Facebook rolled out the “Voice” feature and allow admins to switch over to their personal profile and engage in their brand’s fan page.  Admins will get […]

Facebook Now Allows Username Change

Made a mistake on choosing your company’s Facebook username? I am here to save your day! Facebook now allows user to change its username ONCE! In the past, if you made a mistake in the username, the page administrator would have to submit a request to change the username and go through long and tedious […]

Facebook Finally Allows Comment Edit

WOOT! I just got the ability to edit comments on Facebook! The editing ability went out Thursday evening, and it will be rolling out to other users throughout the week! What editing ability am I talking about?  Last night, Facebook offers users the ability to edit the comments they made on status updates or pictures.  […]

7 Simple Steps to Create a Facebook Offer

It has been a while since all Facebook fan pages switched over to the Timeline layout.  Around the time of the switch over, Facebook also launched a beta Offers feature for pages. Offers may be new but Facebook had previously launched something similar for Facebook Check-In, Facebook Deals.  How does Facebook Deals work?  Users can get discount […]

Best Time vs Worst Time to Post

When is the best time to post on Social Media?  Want to improve your click-through rate (CTR) on Facebook?  Try posting on Facebook on a Wednesday at 3:00 PM EST. We finally have an ally on Social Media Marketer’s side and that is “Time.”  Bit.ly, a Link Shorting, Tracking and Organizing service released some amazing data on […]


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