Google Releases “Real Name” for YouTube

YouTube Real Name

Google finally released the Google+ and YouTube integration! Users will now be able to use their real name on YouTube by connecting it with their Google+ profile.  If you don’t have a Google+ profile, make sure you create one. A YouTube user might’ve created an account name MrSexy1982 when he first joined YouTube and had […]

Google+ Finally Rolling Out Vanity URLs


Google+ will finally roll out vanity URL to their users so that they can further customize their profile like other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Saurabh Sharma, a Product manager at Google, announced it via his Google+ page that Google+ will be taking its first step in providing the vanity URL to ALL users! […]

How to: Add Author Information in Search Results

Blog Contributor

Do you want Google to know that you are the author of the article you just posted?  Do you want your picture to show up next to articles you posted? You will be able to do that by connecting your Google+ page with your blog/article.  All this is due to the magical HTML code known […]

Google+ Redesigning Layout

Google announced via their blog redesigning of the Google+ layout giving users a better and more simple experience with Google+.  You can view more details via Google’s blog, stating that Google+ now has over 170 million users and would like to create a simpler and more beautiful Google. Google+ gave users the ability to customize […]

How Google+ Can Help Your Business?


After Google’s Search Plus Your World update, things finally quiet down a bit.  Based on a survey conducted by Ask Your Target Market, the results don’t seem to  favor Google.  Majority of the 400 US adults surveyed expressed negatively about Google’s personalized search. You may dislike the update, but Google “IS” the #1 Search Engine and if you […]


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