How Google Analytic Tracks Duplicate URL Parameters

Have you ever wonder how Google Analytic tracks if you have 2 same utm parameters in the URL?  (for example, 2 utm_source) Well, I’m not sure if this question comes up a lot but it came up today when I was setting up an email and I wasn’t able to find anything on this.  Therefore, […]

Must Have WordPress Plugins For Beginner Bloggers

Must Have WordPress Plugins for Beginners

Just want to thank Susan Cooper and Jeri Walker-Bickett for giving me the suggestion to write this article although it took longer than expected to publish this post.    I understand that being a first time blogger or first time creating a website is frustrating.  All bloggers been through that phase before.  To help ease […]

How to Protect Your Site from Hackers – Google’s Help Center

Google announced the launch of Help Center for Hacked sites on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 on their Webmaster Central Blog.  The help center includes videos on the Overview about Hacking (Compromise), explanation on how to assess the damage when hacked with spam and how to assess the damage when hacked with malware. Google mentioned there are […]

How to Locate Unnatural Low-Quality Links

First of all, thank you everyone who showed interested in my previous article about Negative SEO.   In my previous article, I discussed about protecting your site from Negative SEO and one of the most common method people use is buying thousands of low-quality links and pointing it to their competitor’s website hoping Google will see that and penalize […]

Do Advertisements Work? 76% of People Think Advertisements are Exaggerated

Are you ready for this Sunday’s SUPER BOWL XLVII?!  Not only are the sports fanatics excited but us, marketers are excited as well – for the commercial breaks.  Since I am not much of a football fan, I find the commercials more amusing and fun to watch (All you football fans out there, please don’t hate me).  Every year companies pay […]

Back to Basics: Intermediate SEO 101

As I’ve mentioned in my previous article on introduction to SEO, I’m writing beginner’s guides because of a Marketing idea I got from reading one of @NeilPatel’s ebook.  Therefore, here I am writing another SEO back to basics. There are just so much to learn about SEO.  This guide will answer some of the most frequent […]

Back to Basics: Introduction to SEO 101

What is SEO?

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m trying some ideas from “21 Big Marketing Ideas for Small Marketing Budgets” by @NeilPatel from QuickSprout.  Last week, I wrote about answering questions on Answer sites and forums such as Yahoo! Answers and saw a slight increase of visitors from the answer sites.  By seeing a tiny success […]

Twitter 101: 5 Tips to Get Started on Twitter


Social Media is getting more popular in the Marketing strategy.  Although there are still a lot of CEOs that don’t believe in Social Media but with all the data out there, we know for sure that Social Media is to stay and not a fad. Where someone talks about Social Media, people will automatically think […]

Google Urges Businesses to go Mobile

Google Mobile

I just received a physical mail from Google!  To tell you the truth, I was a bit excited when I received this physical mail instead of an email.  How many of you gets excited from receiving mail in your mail box now-a-days?  I find it funny that Google sent me a letter that trying to […]

Amazon Rolls Out Brand Pages and Posts


Now companies are able to create a business page for their brands.  The brand page comes with custom URL, ability to post messages on your page and/or on Facebook to increase engagement, and analytics on engagement rate. Amazon stated that “Amazon Pages and Amazon Posts are self-service products that power the digital marketing activities performed […]


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