Bing Launches Pinterest Boards in Image Search: Pinterest SEO

Pinterest Board on Bing Image Search

Since I shared the bad news about Google with you during my previous post, I’ll share some good news this time.  Bing is now including Pin Boards in image search.  What does this mean?  Time to enhance your Pin SEO! Excited?! At the moment, this feature is only available to US users but everyone will […]

Yahoo! Releasing Inactive Accounts! What It Means to Marketers

Starting July 15th, 2013, Yahoo! will be deleting usernames that have been inactive for at least 12 months.  Yahoo! shared this announcement via their tumblr page stating can be yours! What do this mean to Marketers? Marketers should be expecting a lot more hard bounces from Yahoo!  Furthermore, don’t fret if there is an […]

YouTube Rolls Out Channel Gadget – Buy Products You Want While Watching Videos on YouTube

Buying a product you like while watching a video on YouTube is no longer a dream, viewers will be able to purchase, view and compare products via YouTube’s new “Channel Gadget” feature.  For example, while viewing a How-to video of a certain product or following a recipe video, viewers can view the product via the […]

Facebook Rolls Out Video Ads

The long awaited Facebook Video Ads will be rolling out in July.  Only a few big brands such as American Express, Unilever, Ford, Coca-Cola and Diageo will be participating in the first round of video ad testing.   At the moment, advertisers are only able to target one of four demographics. There were a lot of […]

Introducing Twitter Cards and How to Install

Twitter recently rolled out the Twitter Card feature, similar to Facebook’s OpenGraph, which allow site owners to customize how their content will look like when it is shared on Twitter.  For example, when someone tweets a link to your content, a “card” will be added to the Tweet which will be visible to all of […]

Top 10 Tips from Best Linkedin Company Pages

I recently received an e-mail from Linkedin on how to make a company page from Good to Great!  If you are a Linkedin member, hope you received that e-mail as well.   However, if you didn’t receive the e-mail, I would like to take this opportunity and share it with you all. Tops 10 Tips […]

Facebook’s Cover Image Update Secret

Facebook’s cover image update secret has been discovered! Yup! Facebook updated their cover image guidelines without telling anyone. Remember the time when Facebook switched over to timeline and had a long list of restrictions on the cover image?  Facebook made changes to the guidelines without announcing it to the public.  Based on the latest update […]

Linkedin Adding New “Mention” Feature

Linkedin published a post on April 4th announcing their new Facebook like “Mention” feature.  Linkedin stated that this feature will allow users to start conversations with other professionals and sharing knowledge easier. In additional to first degree connections, users can also mention other users that are already engaged in the conversation.  Once again, this feature […]

Demographics Research on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram

In December 2012, Pew Internet & American Life Project conducted research on the social media demographics on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Intagram and found some interesting data on which social media platform is popular among certain demographics. Are you sure you are targeting the right audiences on the right platforms?  Review these data to see if your target […]

Pheed: The New Social Media Player

What is Pheed? Are you “Pheed-ing” yet? Yup, there is another social media platform joining the game, Pheed. Pheed launched last year, a social media platform that allows you to express yourself via text, photo, video, audio and live broadcasts. It is like a combination of Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, and Instagram. Users will have their […]


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