Introducing Twitter Cards and How to Install

Twitter recently rolled out the Twitter Card feature, similar to Facebook’s OpenGraph, which allow site owners to customize how their content will look like when it is shared on Twitter.  For example, when someone tweets a link to your content, a “card” will be added to the Tweet which will be visible to all of […]

Twitter 101: 5 Tips to Get Started on Twitter


Social Media is getting more popular in the Marketing strategy.  Although there are still a lot of CEOs that don’t believe in Social Media but with all the data out there, we know for sure that Social Media is to stay and not a fad. Where someone talks about Social Media, people will automatically think […]

Optimizing Twitter Retweet with Tweet Length – RESEARCH

Retweets by Length of Tweet

In my previous article, I mentioned that a research conducted by Track Social on Facebook Engagement by Post Length showed that Twitter had it right with 140 characters limit to increase response rate.  On Facebook, it seems like posts with fewer characters have more Likes and comments. However, this is a different story on Twitter.  Tweets with fewer characters […]

Best Time vs Worst Time to Post

When is the best time to post on Social Media?  Want to improve your click-through rate (CTR) on Facebook?  Try posting on Facebook on a Wednesday at 3:00 PM EST. We finally have an ally on Social Media Marketer’s side and that is “Time.”, a Link Shorting, Tracking and Organizing service released some amazing data on […]

Social Media Guide: How to Create a Customized Twitter Background for Your Brand

There are 2 ways to get a customized Twitter background.  A hard way out and an easy way out. The first and easy way is to visit some free background customization websites.  There are a lot of free websites out there that provides a lot of REALLY amazing designs. The second way is to create one yourself, using […]


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