Must Have WordPress Plugins For Beginner Bloggers

Must Have WordPress Plugins for Beginners

Just want to thank Susan Cooper and Jeri Walker-Bickett for giving me the suggestion to write this article although it took longer than expected to publish this post.    I understand that being a first time blogger or first time creating a website is frustrating.  All bloggers been through that phase before.  To help ease […]

How to Create Custom Header Menu on WordPress

Wordpress Header

Scenario: So you just created a WordPress website ( or and whenever you publish a post, it just appears on the home page.  You want to sort each article by their category such as all posts about SEO goes under the SEO tab and all Social Media posts go under the Social MediHow to a tab […]

How to Manage Comments in WordPress

How To Manage Comments in Wordpress header

Do you moderate your website on your blog? If not, you should start now.  If you leave your comments unattended, it might hurt your website.  If someone comments on your website asking a question and you ignore it, you are missing the opportunity to convert that person to be a loyal reader or maybe a potential […]

How to Create a Website

Dating Ideas

Sorry for the late update!  I’ve been trying to create a video tutorial on how to create a website to go along with this post.  Unfortunately, I failed.  Making a video is harder than I thought.  In addition to making the video, Hurricane Sandy hit NYC real hard.  Lost power for 5 days.  So here […]

17 MUST-HAVE WordPress Plugins


WordPress is the most user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) with thousands of plugins to help enhance the website performance and user experience.  Visit and slowly browse through all the plugins.  However, here are 17 MUST-HAVE WordPress Plugins for every website.  Easy to use, straight forward, little knowledge of web design and skills needed, and perfect […]


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