Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content Won’t Hurt You! Unless…

One of the most common topics that a lot of SEO online marketers question the most is Duplicate Content.

What is Duplicate Content?

Duplicate Content is when one piece of content that appears on multiple pages with different URL.

However, Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts released a video stating that you shouldn’t “stress” about it and duplicate content won’t hurt you, unless it is spammy.

Matt Cutts answered the following question in the video:

“How does duplicate copy that’s legally required (ie Terms & Conditions across multiple offers) affect performance in search?”

Matt Cutts mentioned twice that you shouldn’t stress about it and that it wouldn’t hurt the search performance unless the content is spammy or keyword stuffing or anything black hat related.  Otherwise, don’t stress about it.

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  • Greg Narayan

    Hey Tommy,

    First I’ve seen of your stuff, nice! So, the point is unless we created blackhat stuff ourselves, we shouldn’t worry?

    I found some dupes of GUEST content I wrote this morning, ha ha.

    • http://www.mktdojo.com/ Tommy Tan

      Hi Greg, I hope you keep reading my stuff. haha. Any black hat tricks should be avoided and as long as you don’t do anything spammy, you should be ok.

      • Greg Narayan

        Thanks bud. White hat all the way.

  • http://findingourwaynow.com/ Susan P. Cooper

    That is ver goo d to now. I have reposted a few barred gems but have identified as a repost. :-)

    • http://www.mktdojo.com/ Tommy Tan

      Although Matt said not to stress about it but Google is not the only Search Engine in the world. Make sure to add canonical tags to any duplicates.

  • Jacqueline Gum

    Good to know :)

  • Rachel Noel

    I agree — thanks for the info!

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