How Google Authorship Affects SEO

The re=”author” tag is used to connect an author’s blog with their Google+ profile so that authors can showcase all their articles in the search results and their Google+ profile image will appear next to the article in the search results.  So what’s the hype over the authorship tag and how does it affect SEO?

When you include the rel=”author” tag in the article’s HTML, this is what people will see in the search engine result page.

Search Engine Authorship

  • An eye-catching picture from your Google+ profile
  • Shows the number of people in your Google+ circle (Yea, I don’t have much people in my circle.  Not a lot of people I know uses Google+)
  • A clickable “More by Tommy Tan” link.  People can view more articles by that author if they click on the link.

Search Engine Authorship - More Articles


As of now, Google doesn’t use Authorship as a factor to determine a website’s ranking.  However, as Google is trying to increase the use of Google+, it is possible that in the near future that Google will include author rank in the algorithm.

So…what’s the hype?  Other than SEO ranking, the authorship still provides other benefits.

Increase Click Through Rate (CTR)

With an eye-catching image of the author in the search engine result page, it will catches searchers’ eye and it definitely stands out from the other search results without it.  Furthermore, with the number of people in that author’s circle shown under the result, it gives searchers the trust factor that they can trust this website (once again, yup, I don’t have much people in my circle.  I am working on it).

There are reports that shows authorship actually increase click through rate by 30% to 150% or more! The image in the search engine result page attracts more attention and thus, attracts more clicks! Although Google never mentioned that CTRs affect a website’s ranking but in my humble opinion, it plays a role.  CTR can tell Google whether people find your website useful in regards to a certain search.  In addition to CTR, time spent on site and bounce rate also plays a role.  Once again, it is only my opinion.

Promote Other Articles Published

As I mentioned above, when the authorship tag is implemented, under the search result, there will be a clickable “More by Input Author Name” link.  If someone wants to read more articles by that author, they can click on the link to view a list of articles the author published.

This helps the author promote his/her other articles that people may not know about, increase impressions for other articles and possibly increase traffic to the website.


Read the step by step guide on how to implement Google authorship to your website and increase the CTR now!


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About: Tommy Tan Tommy Tan

Tommy is a self-taught SEO and Social Media marketer and the Dojo Master for his blog - MKTdojo which shares guides, news, and exciting updates on Social Media and SEO. Connect with Tommy on Twitter. @Mktdojo

  • Susan Cooper

    This is, again, very good stuff Tommy. I’ve set up my Google authorship and i am anxious to see what it does. :-)

    • Tommy Tan

      Thanks Susan. Did you just added the rel=author tag? Hope you see some traffic improvement soon. =)

      • Susan Cooper

        Actually It’s been a while sense I activated it. :-)

  • KellyWade

    I don’t know much about click through rates, but it seems like it would directly relate to how long people stay on your profile and how much they see of what you do. Once again, really helpful information for those hoping to improve SEO.

    • Tommy Tan

      Hi Kelly, did you add the tag to your blog? It will definitely help your blog stand out in the result page with the beautiful picture next to it.

  • Morgan D

    Thanks for the advice! I don’t use google plus, but I just had to create an account for a class at school where we are designing our own websites. I’ll have to bookmark this as a reference guide!

    • Tommy Tan

      Hi Morgan,
      Hope this can help you out with your class. If you have a website and blog, make sure to add this tag because it will definitely make your site stand out more. Hope this article helps! Make sure to come back often

  • Kashish Jain

    Google Authorship is becoming vital SEO factor to gain traffic, I have started claiming authorship on my guest posts too, and bamm.. traffic boost.

    • Tommy Tan

      Yup! Google Authorship definitely helps increase CTR. Glad you were able to include the author tag in your guest blogs as well.


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