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How to Find a Niche Market

Niche Marketing TrainingThere are so many niche markets out there yet it is still very difficult for me to find the market that I would like to target.  There are niche markets such as Left Handed Golfers, Left handed batters, How to Train a Beagle, Cars for Teens, Cars for Seniors, Cars for Family, How to raise a baby, parenting guides and an endless list of topics but which niche market are you interested in generating contents for.  You get the point.  Right?

It is actually not hard to find a niche market; frankly, it is easy to find one if you have the right tools.  What ever you can think of can become a niche.  However, the point is whether that niche is right for you and if it is profitable.  With the right tools, you can easily find out.  You can look at the number of searches or the competition level to decide your niche market.  However, for me, the perfect niche market is based on what I am interested in so that I will have the motivation and passion to generate contents for site.

Finding a Niche

I spent a long time thinking about what I am interested in and is it possible to generate contents for that niche market.  (A side note about me: I am not a good writer which restricts me in writing good contents and getting me motivated to write.)  Pat Flynn used the 7 passions, 7 problems and 7 fears approach to find his niche, following his footstep, I will only list 9 passions (I used 9 because my birthday is in September).

  • Volleyball
  • Martial Arts
  • Date Ideas
  • Illness Symptoms
  • Working Out
  • Fashion (How to Dress)
  • Healthy Diet
  • Cooking Chinese Food
  • Desert

Keyword Research

With this list of interested topics, we will move onto keywords we want to target and check the competition rate for each keyword.  Remember, my goal is to rank #1 on Google so that my niche website can be found.

Keyword reasearch must be done to each topic listed above in order to compare competition and search volume.  I will use Date Ideas as an example for the Keyword Research.

I  am only using FREE tools for this whole process because similar to a lot of people, I don’t have the extra money to pay for membership.  However, paid tools will definitely help and make your process a lot faster.

Tools that I used includes Google Adword Keyword Tool, WordTracker’s Free Keyword Questions Tool, and Google Search(Note: These tools can also give you ideas on what content to write.) 

Google Adword Keyword Tool: I simply did a search on “Date Idea” to see the Global and Local Monthly Search Volumes of this keyword and related keywords such as “cheap date ideas” and “romantic date ideas.”  Based on this tool, I can tell what people are searching for and the competition level of each keyword.  I am looking for keywords with a lot of monthly searches and low competition level.

Keyword Tool

(A screen shot of the keyword search with Google Adword Tool)

Based on the data above, this keyword have a lot of different variations, a decent monthly search and LOW competition.  Seems like a good niche for me to target.

Google Search: Moving forward from the Keyword Tool, I entered keywords related to Date Idea to the Google Search bar to see the amount of search results I get.  This will further confirm the amount of competition for that keyword.

Google Search

I searched for “Date Idea NYC” because I believe I can create a section on my website to target those looking for date ideas in NYC.  There are 39,500,000 search results for this keywords and it seems like the top websites are magazines.  SWEEEEET!

Why? In one of Pat Flynn’s video, he mentioned that from experience it is easy to beat out news site such as and YouTube.  It will be easy to rank high if I create good contents that targets this keyword.

WordTracker: Next, I used WordTracker to check on questions people asked.  I am using this tool to check to see if people actually care about this niche.

WordTracker Date Idea Search

WordTracker also shows that people are asking questions on where to go on dates.  SCORE! You can ignore the # for the amount of times asked.  I am basically using this tool to gather interest and these results are based on the keyword “date ideas.”  People may be searching for other keywords.


Conclusion: I used Date Idea as an example because that was the topic I chose for my niche website.  I chose this niche because of my own experience and would love to help some people out.  During anniversaries and special events, I have a lot of trouble searching for this to do.  I searched Google and checked out a lot of magazines but it didn’t help.  Hope this niche website will ease a lot of people’s problem.

I am excited to start this niche website and try out different SEO tactics that people have been debating about!

How did you find your niche market?  Feel free to share your thoughts and tips in the comment section below!



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  • Rebecca Thompson (@TakeChargeBecc)

    Great article…..I am going to print it off and work through it bit by bit. Getting the ideas on paper always seems to be a sticking point for me.

    • Tommy Tan

      Hi Rebecca,

      As long as it works for you, I’m fine with it. :) Hope you’ll find the niche market you are passionate in. That’ll help a lot in the content creating part