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How to Manage Comments in WordPress

Do you moderate your website on your blog? If not, you should start now.  If you leave your comments unattended, it might hurt your website.  If someone comments on your website asking a question and you ignore it, you are missing the opportunity to convert that person to be a loyal reader or maybe a potential lead.  If readers leave a comment and the author doesn’t reply, it make readers feel like they are talking to themselves.

Whether you are using the free blogging platform or have CMS, comment moderation works the same way.

Comment Settings

Depending on your setting, comments can automatically appear in the comment section of your post or every comments must be approved.  Simply go to Setting >>> Discussion >>> Check “An administrator must always approve the comment” if you want to manually moderate the comments.  Comment Setting in WordPress

How to Moderate Comments

Whenever you get a comment, you will get a notification in your Comments section.  By clicking on Comments on the side bar, you can view all the comments that are pending, approved, spam or in the trash.   Review all the comments and approve those that you want to be viewed in your post and delete all the spam.  Comment Moderation in WordPress



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  • Susan Cooper

    Great tips, I currently use Disqus and love it for the spam controls. I have friends who could use this info so I’m send this to them for future or current use. :-)

  • Cheryl Therrien

    I moderate all my comments via intense debate. Love that tool!

    • Tommy Tan

      Never used that tool before. I should check it out!

  • Jeri Walker-Bickett

    I’ve set my blog to put comments from first-time visitors as pending. After that, the comments go through without approval. It did take a while to get in the habit of checking my comment stream. New visitors will occasionally get marked as spam by Askismet, so I do try to go into the spam queue and see if any “real” comments have been sent to the wrong place.

    • Tommy Tan

      I do that too, going to spam folder to see if there are any “real” comments that were marked as spam. I am afraid to go with the approach of approving first-time and then go through without approval after because some people might post a normal comment firs time and then start spamming. Approving all comments may be tedious but can definitely filter out the spams

  • Darlene Nemeth

    I use intense debate as well. I monitor all comments. And good thing too. I have had several spam type comments in the last month.

  • Valerie Remy-Milora

    Lots of good advice here. Thanks for sharing. I love comments! It’s such a powerful way to engage with my readers and find out what resonates with them.

  • Steve Grogan

    My favorite feature is something called the black list, where you can mark all future messages as spam either by email or even IP address.

    • Tommy Tan

      Hi Steve,
      Never heard of it before. I should look into it. But I’ve been using Disqus and it have been filtering all spams for me


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