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Niche Marketing Training


After reading Pat Flynn’s articles on Niche Site Duel with Tyrone Shum, it got me motivated into creating a niche site and join the duel.  Although I may be a year behind but joining this duel will give me the opportunity to test some SEO and Social Media tactics people claimed to work.

The rules are simple, no paid advertising can be used to generate traffic.  All traffic must be from the organic search engine.  In addition to that, challengers must document the progress of their niche website.

This will be a great chance to test out different SEO tactics and debunk myths.  If you have any tactics that you are questioning about, feel free to leave a comment below and I might test it out. 


My ULTIMATE Strategy:

1) Find a niche and build a site

2) Generate contents to rank higher on SERP

3) Get traffic

4) Build Relationship and Trust

5) Affiliate Marketing Strategy

6) Hopefully make some steady income


Next Step…

I will need to find a niche market that are popular and yet profitable.  Please continue to follow and see how my SEO test and myth debunking will turn out to be like.


The Niche Marketing Challenge Series


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