Retweets by Length of Tweet

Optimizing Twitter Retweet with Tweet Length – RESEARCH

In my previous article, I mentioned that a research conducted by Track Social on Facebook Engagement by Post Length showed that Twitter had it right with 140 characters limit to increase response rate.  On Facebook, it seems like posts with fewer characters have more Likes and comments.

However, this is a different story on Twitter.  Tweets with fewer characters have less replies and retweets than tweets with more characters.

Based on the research, Tweets with 41-101+ characters have more retweets than tweets with 40 or fewer characters.  The optimal length that will receive the most retweets are tweets with 71-100 characters.  By only have 71-100 characters in a tweet, it gives room for the retweets to include their comment, RT and @Mention thus increase the likelihood of a tweet getting retweeted.

Retweets by Length of Tweet

Once again, I want to emphasize that writing tweets with 71-100 characters will not guaranteed success.  Nor writing shorter or longer tweets will fail.  Each business is different and many other factors come into play.


  1. Use #Hashtags.  It helps group tweets together and easier for people to find.
  2. Incorporate @Mentions to your tweet. (Do not include @Mention in the beginning of the tweet).
  3. Include a Link.
  4. Ask questions.
  5. Similar to Facebook, use images in your tweets.




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  • Susan Cooper/

    This is Interesting, always something for me to use. Thanks. :-)

    • Tommy Tan

      Thank you! And I shall continue to provide something for you to use! :)

  • Jeri

    Is the reasoning behind not using @name at the start of a Tweet that only the people who follow that person will see the Tweet? I’ve read in a couple of places that if you put a period .@name at the start, then it will be visible to all of your followers.

    • Tommy Tan

      Yup, you are correct. Putting @name at the beginning is consider as a reply. Most of the time people usually put the @name in the back but putting a period in front of it is an alternative if you want to start with @name.

  • Kelly Wade

    Very good tips for writing Tweets. I like how you tend to focus on the length of posts on social media because it is an important thing to think about. Copy on the web is much different than copy anywhere else, and we all read web copy in a certain way that is specific to the medium.

    • Tommy Tan

      There are many other factors people can focus on to increase the engagement rate. But the length of a tweet or a post definitely play a role in engagement.

  • Art H.

    I’m curious about the method you used to draw this conclusion. Do you have raw data available anywhere? I ask because the graph looks like a standard distribution that might mirror the length of tweets regardless of retweet. If most tweets happen to be in the 71-100 category, then most retweets will also fall here without necessarily pointing to real correlation between length and chance of retweet.

    Please give some insight into your method when you make a post like this; it will help your readers evaluate it for themselves.

    • Tommy Tan

      Hi Art,

      The article is written based on the research done by Track Social. You can learn more about the research on their website,

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