Matt Cutts Talks About Ecommerce Duplicate Content

More about duplicate content this week!  As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, duplicate content is a topic that always comes up with SEO.  Here is another video by Matt Cutts, Google’s head of spam team, discussing duplicate content issues for ecommerce sites. The question is: What can e-commerce sites do that sell products which [...]

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Robots.txt is Now Requrid for Bing & Yahoo!

What is Robots.txt? Robots.txt also known as Robots Exclusion Protocol is a file that stores in a website’s server and is use to tell Search Engine bots what pages on the website NOT to crawl or skip. You will just need to include a few codes in the file: User-agent: * Disallow: /cgi-bin/ Disallow: /scripts/ Disallow: /tmp/   [...]

Linkedin Update: Good-Bye Linkedin Answers!

Sad news for all Linkedin users, Linkedin Answers will be removed on January 31st.  Linkedin sent out an email on Thursday, January 17th to all Linkedin users informing them about this update. Linkedin shared, in the email, “we’re focusing our efforts on developing new and more engaging ways to share and discuss professional topics across LinkedIn.”  Based on [...]

SEO 2013: 4 Simple Factors to Play Major Role

2011 and 2012 had been a busy year for SEOs.  Major updates such as Google Panda and Penguin changed best practices and how people do SEO. From all the changes we see in 2011 and 2012, the 4 following factors will definitely be the game changer in 2013. Content Marketing Content Marketing is the next [...]