Matt Cutts Talks About Ecommerce Duplicate Content

More about duplicate content this week!  As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, duplicate content is a topic that always comes up with SEO.  Here is another video by Matt Cutts, Google’s head of spam team, discussing duplicate content issues for ecommerce sites. The question is: What can e-commerce sites do that sell products which […]

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How To Manage Comments in Wordpress header

How to Manage Comments in WordPress

Do you moderate your website on your blog? If not, you should start now.  If you leave your comments unattended, it might hurt your website.  If someone comments on your website asking a question and you ignore it, you are missing the opportunity to convert that person to be a loyal reader or maybe a potential […]

301 Redirect vs Linking

PageRank Lost Through 301 Redirect vs Linking Myth Debunked!

Google just uploaded a video on their YouTube Webmaster channel on February 25th debunking the PageRank lost through 301 redirects and linking myth. Many SEOs have been arguing how much link juice of PageRank is lost through a link or through 301 redirects.  Which method is better in order to save more PageRank.  Matt Cutts, head of Google’s […]

How Google Authorship Affects SEO

The re=”author” tag is used to connect an author’s blog with their Google+ profile so that authors can showcase all their articles in the search results and their Google+ profile image will appear next to the article in the search results.  So what’s the hype over the authorship tag and how does it affect SEO? […]


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