Matt Cutts Talks About Ecommerce Duplicate Content

More about duplicate content this week!  As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, duplicate content is a topic that always comes up with SEO.  Here is another video by Matt Cutts, Google’s head of spam team, discussing duplicate content issues for ecommerce sites. The question is: What can e-commerce sites do that sell products which [...]

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Recommend on Google

How Google Authorship Affects SEO

The re=”author” tag is used to connect an author’s blog with their Google+ profile so that authors can showcase all their articles in the search results and their Google+ profile image will appear next to the article in the search results.  So what’s the hype over the authorship tag and how does it affect SEO? [...]

How to Locate Unnatural Low-Quality Links

First of all, thank you everyone who showed interested in my previous article about Negative SEO.   In my previous article, I discussed about protecting your site from Negative SEO and one of the most common method people use is buying thousands of low-quality links and pointing it to their competitor’s website hoping Google will see that and penalize [...]

Top 7 Most Common SEO Myths from Expert Blogs

You’ve probably read tons of articles about “TOP” 5 or 10 SEO myths.  I am not saying those are not myths but with all these different articles stating different TOP SEO myths, so which ones are actually top 5 or 10 myths. Here I’ve complied a list of top 7 myths that were mentioned in many [...]